Queen City Homeless Housing

The Homeless Problem in Major Cities

As unemployment continue to rise in 2022, there is a growing amount of people that are becoming homeless. Our priority is keeping people off the streets at night and in warm beds. We can accomplish this by pairing homeless people up that have jobs and giving them accomodations to share.

The Statistics!

In the beautiful Queen City, there are around 3,000 homeless people. That number has been gradually been increasing over the years.

Our mission

The fact is that being unemployed is a huge factor of being homeless. Currently 3% of Charlotte is unemployed, but there are also numerous other causes as to why homelessness is rising. A result of being unemployed is not being able to afford sufficient housing. We introduce an application-based program that will match homeless people with each other and, essentially, find roommates. This way, they will have a way to share rent for a small apartment that they could find. Getting homeless people off the streets is a top priority, and will address Charlotte's staggering crime rate of 4.5%, allow more people to pay taxes, and make a healthy city!

You may ask, "how will homeless people even get to this website if they don't have a laptop or device?" The answer is public spaces! North Carolina in general is a very open place and it has 411 public libraries. These libraries have computers that are open to access. Apart from just this, you can find some sort of internet cafe and ask for permission from someone to use their laptop or mobile phone for just 2 minutes!

Additionally, you can submit the form multiple times to get more roommates. Currently, we are still working on ways to find homeless people potential jobs, but that will be something to check up on. Stay tuned for updates!

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